This is an add-on online booking product mostly used for Campground Booking for RV, Tents, Shelters, Cabins, Cottages, etc. The difference between this product and GuestRez is that it is focused more on the Campground Guest who need to select sites based on their equipment needs, such as pad size, electric, water and sewer needs. The Guest has several options when it comes to booking. They can select a site type, choose a site number from a list or an interactive map. This product allows you to designate which sites are bookable online and which must be booked internally. Like GuestRez, this product is also based on a transaction fee and follows the same premise as described above.


As part of an add-on service, Portfolio HMS® provides a way for your Guest to Book Reservation Online with CampRez.  Portfolio HMS controls all the accommodations, pricing, and availability.  When setting up Room Types, Rates, Market Codes, Group Codes, the property determines on a case by case basis what can be booked by the Guest.  The Online Booking is connected directly to the Portfolio database and provides real-time inventory and rates to the Guest.  This means each time a Guest selects a date they want to stay; the system will verify the availability and then display what the Guest can select from and what the current rate will be.

The Client has full control over the Online Booking site, which means they can add, change, delete pictures that pertain to the property or room types.  They can add descriptions that best describe the property or room types.  The Client also can control the look and feel of the website to maintain brand continuity.

Made for the following:


RV & Tent Campgrounds


State & National Parks

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