Portfolio HMS has a complete Sales and Catering system which allows the end user to see lodging rooms and meeting rooms all in one screen. We call our Sales & Catering module: Conference Services. It is called this because it combines Group Sales with Event Sales into one management function, where one screen manages the entire operations.

About Conference Services

This is integrated, yet stand-alone. Conference Services (Sales & Catering + Groups) module. This product allows the end user to see lodging rooms and meeting rooms all in one screen.

Everything starts with availability of both overnight rooms and meeting rooms. Portfolio’s Conference Services module is based on the same principles as reservations. This means, a Guest should be able to call and book a reservation during the call. The same thing occurs with Group Sales. A group wanting to book rooms and meeting space should be able to call and say, “I need 50 overnight rooms and 4 meeting rooms starting June 6th, for 4 nights. Do you have availability?” Group Sales must quickly provide that answer, otherwise they could lose the sale to their competitors. Portfolio will provide real-time availability to Group Sales just by looking at their Group Calendars, which reflect availability.

Conference Services has a multitude of available reports for the Sales and Catering module. Our stock Group Contract allows the user to give all necessary information to the client. Information displayed would include but not limited to Setup Remarks, Inventory Notes, Tasks, the user can choose between the allotments or actual picked up rooms. When printed the report would display the breakout of the rooms as well as the catering events. Our BEO (Banquet Event Order) Confirmation will list all the information pertaining to the specific event.

To be successful in Group Sales, you must be able to understand and manage your Client’s needs, especially the Clients that have repeat business. In order to assist Group Sales in this process, Conference Services provides a Client CRM. With this Client CRM you are able to track everything about a Client in one place.

An Event Menu is designed to handle your property’s catering and banquet scheduling needs. The Event Booking option will allow you to block meeting space, print a contract and create a billing folio all from one screen. Within each Event booking you will be able to schedule and outline each event’s setup, audio visual and food and beverage needs. All maintenance for an event can be completed in the Event Booking screen, including changes and deletions.

The Event Menu is complete with features such as quick copying, change of counts, printing of banquet checks and all maintenance related to processing and controlling event bookings. The Sales and Catering system works in conjunction with the Group Rooms system allowing both departments to share a client database as well as setup common billing between group room charges and catering charges.

The Event module was developed to allow the user the luxury of a pre-configured, quick entry event booking format with the flexibility to make individualized modifications. Event booking information is compiled and printed as Banquet Event Orders and the information displayed on report.

There are three ways of utilizing MegaLynx:

  • Direct Reservations / Website & Mobile
  • Central Reservations Services (CRS) & GDS/OTA Distribution
  • Call Center – Voice Reservations Services

Made for the following:


Hotels & Resorts


Conference & Retreat Centers


RV & Tent Campgrounds


State & National Parks

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