This is a stand-alone application that is built within Portfolio HMS® that handles all Point of Sale operations for Restaurants, Food & Beverage, and Retail Outlets. This product is an optional add-on module, however, shares the same programs, database, and server that operates Portfolio HMS®. Within the POS, there are full Inventory Modules for tracking both food and retail items. It provides both Actual and Perpetual Inventory tracking, with reorder points and cycle counting functions.


This is an integrated, yet stand-alone, Point of Sale software module. This product is very versatile as it can be utilized for many purposes. It can be used for Food & Beverage operations, such as Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Snack Shop, Room Service, Banquets, etc., as well as be used for Retail Outlets, such as Gift Shops, Camp Stores, Marina Stores, Pro Shops, etc. The type of Outlet per workstation is controlled by the property, which means the same POS workstation can be used for ringing up food orders as well as selling t-shirts in the gift shop.

MegaTouch POS® operates on non-proprietary equipment, which means you don’t have to purchase equipment from Megasys in order for the POS to function. The software works on any windows-based POS equipment and can be purchased by the client. In some cases, the same Front Desk workstation utilizing Portfolio HMS® for checking in and out guest can also be used as a POS workstation for selling Front Desk gift shop items.

MegaTouch POS® does not require a separate server to operate. Since it is integrated with Portfolio HMS®, it shares the same programs and database structure. Therefore only 1 server is required to operate both software applications.

Along with MegaTouch POS®, there is a full backend Inventory System. This function allows for tracking Actual and Perpetual inventory. Whether you want to track food items or physical items, MegaTouch POS® can provide you the tools and reporting needs to maintain inventory and reorder when needed. There is also a full Inventory Cycle Counting system built-in for inventory realignment when needed.

Made for the following:


Hotels & Resorts


Conference & Retreat Centers


RV & Tent Campgrounds


State & National Parks

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