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Conference & Retreat Centers

Conference and Retreat Center operations vary as widely as the guests who visit them. Your property’s unique characteristics are the reason Megasys designed the most flexible and reliable software for your daily operations.

We are more than just registration software. We take registrations a step further and give you all the required business tools for operating your business/property. Our solutions provide real-time necessary critical information to assist you in making sound business decisions affecting your Conference or Retreat facilities.

Our Conference & Retreat Center Solution

Conference & Retreat center property management based on your needs. Our system, Portfolio HMS, is the premier solution for hotels needing a complete package. 


As many conference & retreat centers are for non-profit, Megasys realizes many can’t afford a fully staffed IT department. Megasys serves as an extension of a property’s operation, providing software, technical support, and consulting services.


Megasys believes in supporting the next generation of industry professions. In this spirit, Megasys provides deep discounts for software and ongoing training and support to schools and institutions offering hospitality education and training.

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