Casino Management Solutions


Megasys has a long history of providing effective and cost efficient solutions to full-service casino properties. In fact, Megasys was the first PMS to provide an interface to the popular IGT (International Gaming Technologies) System.  And, we’ve expanding to support other popular gaming systems as well and were among the first to provide the S2S standard for Casino Resorts.

When it comes to effective and affordable hospitality management solutions for casinos, Megasys is a sure bet.

A few of the benefits of our solution include:

  • A single PMS, POS, CRS and Sales & Catering application that minimizes staff training time, input errors/oversight, and multi-vendor integration failures while maximizing operation effectiveness and ROI
  • Online booking solutions that are optimized to maximize net reservations with two-way distribution to hundreds of OTAs and the Global Distribution System (GDS)
  • A single Profile system that tracks individual Guest as well as groups/Client sales history across with the added features of maintaining rich demographic data and linking Profiles to other Guests and/or Clients as well as Player Management Systems
  • Advanced analytics tools to develop customizable “on-the-fly” and/or scheduled reports and data visualizations
  • 24/7/365 support from a knowledgeable staff you WILL know by first name
  • The choice of local server or cloud-based system architecture established by the client’s preferences and best-practices
  • Dozens of 3rd-party system integration options and rapid interface and development capacity
  • Many more financial, marketing, operational, etc. integrations to enhance ROI

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