How is technology impacting your business operations?

Hotel owners and managers across the globe face similar struggles regardless of the market they are in. A common missed opportunity is making the correct investment in technology that will effectively and efficiently support you and your team. New technology may be intimidating because an upgrade or change to your system can be painful. However, an unwillingness to adapt to technological advances may negatively impact your business sooner or later. Asking the right questions such as these can help ensure your moving in the right direction:

  1. “What is working well for us?”
  2. “How can we maximize these strengths?”
  3. “What needs improvement to help us grow?”
  4. “What are the current pain points with our software”
  5. “What are we spending extra staff time (money) adjusting for what our current system does not do?”
  6. “Has the ‘cost-saving’ solution we’ve chosen actually saved us time and money?”
  7. “Is my technology partner truly my partner – 24/7, supporting my staff and business needs?”

Don’t hold back! Find the technology that works best for you and your hotel. While you’re looking, consider Megasys as your partner. We have designed our system to work with your unique hotel requirements. Check out some of the tools available:

  • Property Management Software
    • Reservations – Internal and Online booking options
    • Front Desk Functions – Check-in, Post Charges, Check-out
    • Availability Calendars – Property, Room, Groups, Events
    • Guest Profile CRM
    • Rate/Yield Management
    • Packages – Individuals and Groups
    • Housekeeping Management – Internal and Mobile Accessibility
    • Engineering / Work Orders / Preventative Maintenance
    • Online Booking Engine
    • GDS/OTA Online Booking Distribution Services
  • Conference Services
    • Group Sales Management – Overnight vs Day Use
    • Sales and Catering / Events
    • Package Planning Templates
    • Group and Event Calendars
    • Contracts / Invoices
    • Mass Group / Event Management
    • Banquet Event Orders (BEO)
    • Online Booking / Rooming List Imports
  • MegaTouch POS
    • Restaurant Management
    • Retail Outlets
    • Inventory Control
  • Advanced Reporting
    • 30 years of specialized report development
    • Open Database export functions
    • Business Intelligent Reporting – Logi Analytics
  • Back Office Accounting
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable / Direct Bills / City Ledger
    • Guest Ledger
    • Advanced Deposit Ledger
  • Browser and Mobile Functionality
  • Third-Party Interfacing – PBX, Call Accounting, Keycards/Door Locks, etc.
  • Much more….

Our philosophy is simple – Our client’s success is our priority! It’s important that each of our clients have the right solutions for the whole business. Our team will work with you to understand your hotels requirements and provide the best solution backed by high quality and direct contact support as an essential part of doing business.

Let’s have a conversation about your operational business needs, and what Megasys can do for you!

For an overview of Megasys and the products and services we offer, click here.


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